Til salgs


Til salgs  » "Gunnar Langva"
Norwegian Purse seiner / Trawler to be sold, delivery upon agreement between buyer and seller, estimated time for delivery is early/ medio 2019, depending of delivery time of replacement vessel.

Type of vessel               

Purse seiner / trawler


2003, West Contractors, Norway




DNVGL,  +1A1 Fishing Vessel


71,10 m x 14,40 m. Draught 7,4 m. Depth (mld) 9,5 m.


2223 GT. 666 NT.



Cargo capacity   

2000 m3 in RSW tanks

RSW plant                    

2 x York. 900 000 kcal each

Vacuum pump system    




Main engine                  

RRM Bergen Diesel B32 40L9P, 4500 kW, 6100 HP

NOX plant                    

H-H SCR system, Marine Application, New 2009.

Ozone plant                  

Normex ozone plant, new 2012



Reduction gear              

RRM Ulstein 1500 AGSC-KP2S 560

Propeller system            

RRM Ulstein 86 P1/4T

Propeller nozzle             

RRM Ulstein Naca 19A-3600/04, diam. 3,6 m


High lift rudder, HLR-H 2330

Steering machine           

RRM Tenfjord SR 662 FCP

Aux. engines                 

2 x Caterpillar 3412TA, 620 kW, 831 HP


RRM Ulstein T8136/T8137-150TVC, 736 kW, forward and aft


17,8 kn max



Air compressors             

2 x Sperre HL2/90



Fuel oil                        

530 m3

Fresh water                   

110 m3

Fuel oil separator            

Alfa Laval

Lub. oil separator           

Alfa Laval

Oily water separator        

Heli-Sep M-1000



 Winches/deck equipment            

Triplex 920 /500 net winch, new 2016


Triplex FLH-112 corkline stacker, new 2016


Triplex NK 7500 net crane, new 2016


2 x new hydr. aggr. and el. motors, new 2016




2 x Triplex KN-50 /KN-30 deck cranes, forward and aft


2 x 72 tons RRM Brattvaag trawl winches


1 x 3,8 tons RRM Brattvaag cable winch


1 x 56 tons RRM Brattvaag net drums


2 x 37,1 tons RRM Brattvaag purse seine winches


1 x 9,2 tons RRM Brattvaag comb. windlass/mooring drum


2 x 13,5 tons RRM Brattvaag aux. winches


1 x 6,4 tons RRM Brattvaag aux. winch


1 x Sea Quest 18 inch Fishpump


5 x LED deck lights, new 2016






Furuno DFF UHD Time zero echo sounder, new 2013


2 x Telchart Tecdis 2138, chart machines, new 2012


Marport trawl sensors, new 2016




Furuno FR2117 radar


Furuno 2137 FR 2135S radar


2 x Furuno FCV1200 echo sounders


Furuno FSV-25 sonar


Furuno FSV-85 sonar New 2013


Furuno Telchart 2025 chart plotter


Simrad AP 50 autopilot


Simrad RGC12 gyro compass


Furuno SC-120 satellite compass


Furuno CI-68G log


Furuno GP90 GPS


Imagenex TS-331-A trawl sonar


2 x Inmarsat C




Furuno Fax208 MK II weather fax


Furuno Inmarsat F Felcom 70 sat. Phone


Inmarsat sat. Phone


3x Sailor VHF


Furuno FS2570 MF/HF radio


Furuno FS2570 radio SSB


Seatel sat. TV


Furuno Felcom 70 SatCom




1 extra ballast pump, type Allweiler, new 2017


2 x Krone measuring equipment for tank measuring, new 2017


Engine room CO2 plant - Alf Lea & Co


RRM – UMAS V ballast monitoring system



Safety equipment           

Consilium addressable fire alarm system, new 2017




MOB boat Viking 470 GRP 1


2 x Viking 16 DK Life rafts




For 14 persons.




Try offer in region NOK 100 mill. +





Details are believed to be correct but cannot be guaranteed, the vessel is offered subject to availability and inspection.

  • Photo: Maritimt Magasin